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In a Sea of Choices: Finding Your Path Amidst Real Estate Lead Referrals

From my experience working in this industry, the ever-present question is about the future direction of the real estate business and the evolving role of an agent. There’s talk about the impact of ChatGPT, with some suggesting it might negatively affect our industry. However, I don’t see that happening. Over the years, syndicators like Zillow, Trulia, and have become increasingly prominent, making a significant impact in terms of volume.

Interestingly, other parties are also entering the third-party syndication world, like Dave Ramsey. He initially tried to get his followers to seek advisor referrals from his network, encompassing various services including real estate. However, I’ve observed that they started buying ads and reselling them due to insufficient lead flow, as larger syndicators were out-competing them.

This dynamic is intriguing because Ramsey’s is a sizable organization. If they’re buying lead flow to distribute to their paying members, it suggests that syndicators like HomeLight are growing. Zillow and are expanding as well. So, where should you invest your money, considering the multitude of potential lead sources?

Every day, you likely receive texts offering lead referrals in exchange for a percentage-based fee. It can be challenging to decide whom to trust and what course to follow.

We have a strategy in place for those who are looking for alternatives to relying heavily on syndicated leads. The struggle with deciding the best approach is real for many people. If you’re questioning your next move, we can share our thoughts and potentially offer a solution. I look forward to discussing this further, call or email me anytime.

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